acceptable document types to upload

What are acceptable forms of documents to upload to my application?

Uploading Files to Your Scholarship Application

Please follow these instructions carefully! If you attempt to upload a document in an incompatible file format, all your other work on that page of the application will be lost.

File Naming and Saving

Apply these general tips about file naming and saving to all of the processes outlined below.

Tips on File Saving & Naming:

  • Please name the document something that you can easily recognize, for example, “Formal Essay.docx” or “Goals Essay.pdf”
  • Save the file on your desktop so that you can easily find it to upload in the appropriate field on your application.

Saving Other Files as PDFs

If while writing your essays, you have used Google Docs or Pages- the default word processing program on a Mac, Text Editor, etc., you will need to save each document as a PDF.

Also, htm or html files cannot be uploaded to your application. These are internet files (your financial aid information or Student Aid Report) that must be saved as a PDF before uploading to your application.

How to Convert Your Pages File to PDF:

  • After completing and saving your document in Pages, click on the File menu and select Print.
  • Under the printer menu, on the lower left hand side click on PDF and select “Save as PDF.”
  • The default application for opening your PDF on your Mac will be Preview. You can view your PDF here before uploading the file to your application.

How to Convert from Google Drive to PDF:

  • After completing and saving your document in Google Drive, click on the File menu.
  • Hover over “Download As” and select “PDF Document (.pdf).”

How to save a file as a PDF document in general:

  • Most files you can “Save As” a PDF document to your computer, then upload to your application.
  • If this does not work, try printing the file as a PDF. From the print menu, you can change the selected printer to “save as PDF” or “print to PDF.”