Cost of College Confusion

Why is my cost of college on the award letter or website higher than the calculated cost of college on the Phillips website?

The cost of college listed on the Phillips Website comes from the direct costs that will be billed to you, tuition, mandatory fees, room and board. Colleges often provide a Cost of Attendance, which includes other expenses, such as your personal travel, and the cost of books and supplies. That is why the cost figures on the Phillips website may be less than the college’s published Cost of Attendance, which includes both direct and non-direct costs.

Related FAQs

How do I calculate the cost of college if I am not living on campus?

If you are living at your family’s home, use only the tuition and fees for your college and then add $4,000 instead of room and board costs. This is the commuter allowance, which recognizes that there are extra costs for commuters, even though they don’t pay rent or buy food. If you are living off-campus or if you are an independent student, you still use the school’s costs for room and board as a way to approximate the costs you have for living on your own.

I received some one-time scholarships for my first year in college, but won't receive them next year. How do I show that on the application?

If you are a current college student, list the name of each outside scholarship you receive in the Outside Award section within the “Your Phillips Eligibility” area on the “Financial Information” page of the application, and enter the award amount. Also indicate if the award is renewable or non-renewable for next year.