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Deadlines for School Counselors
April 5, 2023 or preferably as soon as possible for your recommendation materials for applicants applying to be considered for our Early Response Process, which is limited to the first 400 applications submitted by April 3rd. Applicants who submit by April 4th, but who are not one of the first 400, will be considered in our regular cycle.

May 4, 2023 for recommendation materials for students applying during the regular High School Application cycle.

*Recommender deadlines are after the student deadlines.

Please note that students will be notified of the Phillips decision by late April if applying early, and mid-June if applying during the regular cycle. 

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU COMPLETE THIS FORM IN ONE SITTING AND SUBMIT IT. Please begin working on this form ONLY when you think you will have enough time to complete it. If you find you do need to save and finish the recommendation later, please follow the steps below:
  • Click on the box at the top of the page "Save my progress and resume later." You will be asked for your email and a password. Please be sure to write both of them down, especially if you have multiple email addresses. Close the browser window.
  • Check for an email from "Form Notification" that contains the link you will use to go back to your form to finish it.
  • When you are ready to complete your recommendation, click on the link in the email from "Form Notification," enter your credentials, and continue your work. 

Thank you for helping this student apply to the Stephen Phillips Scholarship, which offers renewable, four-year college scholarships to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serving others, a strong work ethic, and leadership qualities.  

The applicant has authorized the release of secondary school transcript and high school information on their application form. The student has also waived their right to see all information submitted by the school counselor.

In addition to completing this form, please also upload the following items for this student via your "Students to Recommend" portal page, which you accessed through the link in your original email. 

  1. Official transcript 
  2. Fall Senior grades if not on the transcript
  3. High School Profile (if available) 
  4. Letter of Recommendation (a copy of the one written for the college application is acceptable.)
Student Information

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You will receive a confirmation email that will also offer you the opportunity to provide us with feedback about the recommendation process.

After completing this form, return to the Students to Recommend portal page, accessed from the original email you received from us, to upload the student's transcript, senior fall grades, your high school profile, and your letter of recommendation written for the student's college applications.

Thank you very much for your time. If you have any questions, please email or call 978-744-2111.