High School Applicant Recommender Form

High School General Recommender Form 2021

General Recommendation

Deadlines for Recommendation Form

April 6, 2020 for applicants applying before April 3rd to be considered for our Early Response Process. 

May 4, 2020 for students applying during the regular High School Application cycle,
after April 3rd.

*Recommender deadlines are three days after student deadlines.
About this Form
A COVID 19 Update:
If technological constraints prevent you from being able to use this form, please contact our office at staff@spscholars.org and we will work out a way for you to get us the necessary information. 

Thank you for helping this student apply to the Phillips Scholarship, which offers renewable, four-year college scholarships to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serving others, a strong work ethic, and leadership qualities, and exhibit grit when faced with hardship. 

This form is for an adult who knows the student well (but not a relative), such as a teacher, community service advisor, religious leader, coach or employer. We are particularly interested in a student's concern for others and, if applicable, any special circumstances or challenges s/he has met. You may answer the questions below and/or address these questions in a letter of recommendation. If you choose to write a letter, please include these topics, and/or comment briefly in the spaces provided below. 

We strongly recommend that you complete the recommendation form in one sitting. Please plan to start the form when you will have enough time to finish it. 

The student has waived his/her right to see all information submitted by recommenders. If you have any comments or concerns about providing this student with a recommendation, please call the Phillips Scholarship office at 978-744-2111.

A note about browsers: This form works best in Firefox or Chrome. It often will not work well in Internet Explorer. If you must use Internet Explorer please use the most updated version. 

Comment Areas

File Upload

If you are not submitting a letter, please write something in response to every question, even if it just "NA", in order to complete the form for submission.
2. Describe a specific activity, deed, and/or involvement that demonstrates several of the student's strongest characteristics.  Examples would be helpful in our evaluation of the student's character.

3. We are interested in each applicant's concern for others. Describe ways that this student serves others (school, community, church, family, etc.)

4. It is expected that students will be working to help contribute to personal and/or college expenses. Please comment on the student's work experience. If he/she has not worked, please explain why.

5. Special circumstances/challenges: If you believe this student has endured special circumstances or has faced unusual challenges during his/her life that are not included in your letter of recommendation, please describe them below. Also, please give examples of how he/she has found support and demonstrated resiliency to function well in academic and personal settings. 

6. Comment below about areas of challenge (in life or in the classroom) for which this student may need additional support.
Form Completion

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You will know that your materials have been successfully submitted when the "Reference completed successfully?" field on your Students to Recommend page says "Complete." Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email that will also offer you the opportunity to provide us with feedback about the recommendation process via a link in that email. 

Thank you very much for your time. If you have any questions, please email staff@spscholars.org or call 978-744-2111.