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High School General Recommender Form 2023

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General Recommendation

Deadlines for this Recommendation Form

April 5, 2023 for recommenders of students applying for our Early Response Process, for which the student application is due April 3rd. 
May 4, 2023 for recommenders of students applying during the regular  application cycle, for which the student application is due May 1st.
About this Form
Thank you for helping this student apply to the Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund, which offers renewable, four-year college scholarships to students with financial need who display academic achievement, a commitment to serving others, a strong work ethic, and leadership qualities. 

This form is for an adult who knows the student well (but not a relative), such as a teacher, community service advisor, religious leader, coach or employer. We are particularly interested in a student's concern for others and, if applicable, any special circumstances or challenges they have met. You may answer the questions below and/or address these questions in a letter of recommendation that you can copy and paste into the field below. If you choose to share your letter, please include these topics, and/or comment briefly in the spaces provided below. 

We strongly recommend that you complete the recommendation form in one sitting. Please plan to start the form when you will have enough time to finish it. 

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  • When you are ready to complete your recommendation, click on the link in the email from "Form Notification," enter your credentials, and continue your work. 
The student has waived their right to see all information submitted by recommenders. If you have any comments or concerns about providing this student with a recommendation, please call the Phillips Scholarship office at 978-744-2111.

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Comment Areas
Please answer the questions below. Either provide an answer to the question, or, If you are unable to answer a question, write "N/A" in the field. If you have already addressed a particular topic in your letter of recommendation, type "See letter of recommendation." The fields may not be left blank if the form is to submit successfully. 
Letter of Recommendation
Please type into this box a letter of recommendation for the student. You may also copy and paste a letter into this space if you have already written one. You may include answers to the questions below in your letter or answer them separately. If you would rather answer the questions below instead of writing a letter of recommendation, simply write "See responses to questions" in this field and answer the questions below.

Recommender Signature

You will know that your materials have been successfully submitted when the Reference Form field on your Students to Recommend page says "Complete." Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email that will also offer you the opportunity to provide us with feedback about the recommendation process via a link in that email. 

Thank you very much for your time. If you have any questions, please email staff@spscholars.org or call 978-744-2111.