Kayvona Brown

A 2021-2022 Phillips Alumni Scholar

Kayvona Brown is a first-year student at The University of Conneticut Storrs this fall, having graduated from Stamford High School in the spring. After benefitting from the help of volunteers at an afterschool program she attended in her youth, Kayvona was determined to give back once she was able. She explained that in high school, “I devoted my free periods to tutoring 9th graders on how to write essays and understand the format of an essay. I also spent my afternoons before work tutoring lowerclassmen in Sciences, such as Chemistry and Biology… I knew what it felt like to not understand a text, a passage of a book, or a stoichiometry equation. I wanted to be the one to help others get to the place where they did.” Kayvona also volunteered with The Stamford Public Education Foundation, which provided an opportunity to mentor younger children.

In college, Kayvona will be majoring in Biological Sciences on a pre-med track. She shared, “I grew up watching my grandmother and mother work within the nursing home as an LPN and RN. I watched them delicately care for the elderly, and listen to their agony and their long stories of the past. I grew to enjoy helping people and bringing a smile to their faces. I intend to do the same thing every day for the rest of my life as a pediatrician.”


The Phillips Alumni Scholar Award goes to a new recipient of the scholarship who clearly exemplifies a “sense of other,” strong work ethic, academic strength and commitment to community service that are the hallmarks of the Phillips Scholar. The funds for the Alumni Scholar award(s) come from the generosity of Phillips Scholarship Alumni who donate so that others may have the opportunity to overcome the same financial barriers to education that they found. We are deeply grateful for the support of our alumni.