Cost of College Calculator

How to Calculate Your Cost of College

Use only one of the three options below to calculate the cost of college depending on the specific cost information you have available.

    1. View our Cost of College List to see if your college’s costs are listed. Add together the correct Tuition & Fees and Room & Board amounts to get your total cost of college.*
    2. If your college is not on our list but you have the 2023-2024 costs from the internet or your award letter, use that information.**
    3. If your college is not on our list and you only have 2022-2023 costs, use that information.**


    Please do not use commas when entering your costs.

    * If you are commuting from home, do not include the room and board expense. Instead, add $4000 to your Tuition & Fee costs, which is the allowance for commuter expenses. If you are living off campus but not at home, use your college’s room and board expense.

    **Use only fees for student activities, health services (not insurance), and technology expense.