School Counselors

High School Guidance

Thank you for all that you do to assist students in finding out about and applying for The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship. Below are useful links for you to help students apply successfully to the Phillips Scholarship.

Information about the scholarship

How to Apply 2023-2024
Details about how to apply for the scholarship as a new student for Fall 2023. You can print this for your scholarship files or online listings.

How to Apply 2023-2024 in other languages:

Haitian CreoleKhmer, and Spanish

How to Apply for 2023 – Early Response Process
Information about how to apply by April 3rd in order to receive a decision before May 1st! This option requires the financial aid package from the school where the student plans to attend and all other required items.

Other useful information

Myths about financial aid
Learn more about financial aid. The U.S. Department of Education shares myths and realities about financial assistance and your college education.

Strategies for presenting yourself well on scholarship applications
The collective wisdom of organizations belonging to The National Scholarship Providers Association.

Understanding and using Net Price Calculators
College websites show a net price calculator to help you estimate what a college might offer you for financial aid. Learn about this tool before you try to use it.

Helping a student with a new application?

The new applications for 2023-2024 will be available by mid December. As soon as an applicant enters your name and email in the High School School Counselor section, you will receive an email recommendation request. The link will bring you directly to their personalized High School School Counselor Form, where you can complete the form and upload the appropriate items (transcript with senior grades, letter of recommendation written for college admission, and a high school profile, if available.)

  • If the student is filling out the Early Response for High School Students, the School Counselor Form should be submitted with all uploaded materials by April 5th, 2023. This is two days after the student needs to submit their application.
  • If the student is filling out the New Application for High School Students, the School Counselor Form should be completed with all uploaded materials by May 4th, 2023. This is three days after the student needs to submit their application.

If you are having difficulty receiving the email recommendation request from an applicant, please call our office at 978-744-2111 or email us at We can supply you with the direct link to the applicant’s personalized recommendation form.