Tina Meetran

Tina Meetran graduated from Clark University in 2015 with her B.A. in International Development and Social Change with a concentration in Migration and Culture and a M.A. in Community Development and Planning. Following her studies, Tina returned to College Visions where she had received counseling as a senior in high school for her college search process. As the College Access Executive Director, she helped advise 70 low-income, first-generation 12th graders in support of their process to enroll in college. College Visions also follows their students through the college experience, resulting in a 65% graduation rate within six years, more than three times the national average for low-income, first generation students. While Tina studied at Clark, her future goals included working with refugees and immigrants. She recently created a guide entitled “Advising Undocumented Students in Rhode Island for College Access.” College Visions and the City of Providence has been fortunate to have one of their own giving back and helping RI youth access and graduate from college!