Determining Financial Eligibility

Find the requirements necessary for applicants to have financial eligibility.
To qualify financially for a Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship, applicants must satisfy two dimensions of eligibility:
  1. 1

    A Phillips Eligibility figure of $7,000 or more, as calculated by our Financial Eligibility Calculator.

    1. This calculator deducts your federally determined Student Aid Index (SAI) and grants/scholarships from the direct costs of college in order to determine your unmet need. Please be sure to use the entire direct cost of college and do not include loans or work study.
  2. 2

    An Student Aid Index (SAI) from FAFSA of 13,000 or less. This information can be found on your FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) -- learn more here. 

    1. If your SAI is above 13,000, but you feel that there are special financial circumstances that impact your family’s ability to pay, please email or call our office to discuss your situation before working on a new application. 
      1. As helpful context, in 2023:
      2. 84% of newly awarded students had family AGIs of less than $85,000.
      3. 81% of newly awarded students had federal EFCs of less than $7,000.
      4. The average federal EFC of newly awarded students was 3,419. 

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