2024-2025 Stephen Phillips Scholarship new applications  and renewal applications are closed.

Both new applicants and returning scholars should gather the following in preparation for applying: 

  1. 1

    FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS) from FAFSA

  2. 2

    The most recent Financial Aid Award letter from your college

  3. 3
    Student and Parent Earnings Information
  4. 4

    The charges for tuition, fees, food and housing, if your college is not included on our Cost of College List 

New Applicants

(Never Previously Awarded by Phillips)
  • All new applications awas due 12 noon, May 15, 2024. The application is now closed.

    • There was an early response option, available to new high school applicants only, for applicants who submitted by 12 noon, April 3, 2024. 
  • New applicants should visit the New Applicants Page to carefully review all criteria and required application materials before beginning an application.
  • Links to the application will be available here when the application is open.

New applicants will also need:

  • Contact information for at least one recommender (for high school applicants, the first recommender must be your school/guidance counselor) 
  • A formal personal essay such as the Common Application or Coalition Application essay (up to 650 words) and a short essay (up to 250 words) about what you do in school, at home, or in the community to serve others. 
  • For applicants already in college, your college transcript/grades (this can be an unofficial version) with grades through the Fall 2023 semester and a copy of your high school transcript if you have completed fewer than three semesters of college 
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Returning Scholars

(Previously Awarded by Phillips)
  • The Renewal Application for returning scholars was due 12 noon, February 5, 2024. The application is now closed.

  • Visit the Returning Scholars page to see news, updates, and reminders.
  • Click here to log into the Phillips student portal (you will see information about your previous application and award if the application cycle is not open for the year).

Returning scholars will also need:

  • An essay of 500 to 1,000 words that reflects on the most significant experiences you have had in the past year. At least some of this essay should be related to your academics, college extracurriculars, or professional development.
  • Your college transcript/grades (this can be an unofficial version) with grades through the Fall 2023 semester
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