Determining Financial Eligibility

Before applying for the Phillips Scholarship, you should determine if you qualify financially. Gather together the following information to use with our Financial Eligibility Calculator:

The Cost of the College You Will Be Attending Next Year

Click here to see a Cost of College List. Use the information there to figure your cost figure. If your college is not included on our list, you can calculate the cost using the appropriate boxes below the Financial Eligibility Calculator.

Your Student Aid Report (SAR) From the FAFSA You Filed

Click here to see a sample of the Student Aid Report (SAR) You will need the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that is listed there. The EFC may be all zeroes, but it must not be blank. If it is blank, you need to update your SAR according to the instructions on its first page.

The Financial Aid Award Information From the School You Will Attend in 2023-2024

Include all grants, scholarships, named awards and outside scholarships you have received. Do not include any loans offered or work study.

Your Phillips eligibility must be at least $7,000 according to the financial eligibility calculator. Please understand that this is a competitive scholarship and that our evaluation also considers the apparent resources available to the family; the applicant’s academic record; commitment to serving others in school, the community or at home; a strong work ethic and leadership qualities.

If your eligibility is below, but very close to $7,000 and you feel there are special financial circumstances, please email our office at before you begin working on the application. Also, if your EFC is above $10,000 please email or call our office to discuss your situation before working on a new application.

Financial eligibility for the Phillips Scholarship is determined by several factors:

  • Substantial unmet need
  • Limited family resources to meet that need. We evaluate both the family Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and federal Expected Family Contribution (EFC) in our review.
  • An EFC that is $10,000 or less

In 2022:

  • 86% of newly awarded students had family AGIs of less than $80,000.
  • 83% of newly awarded students had federal EFCs of less than $6,000.
  • The average federal EFC of newly awarded students was $2,383.