Partner Organizations

The Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship believes that limited financial means should not hinder students’ access to college. In the United States the wide gap between the rates of college graduation for our wealthiest and poorest students is alarming, yet we know that a college degree is the key to a productive and successful future. For this reason we partner with over 70 organizations who work with under-represented student populations in hopes of financially assisting some of these students as they work toward college graduation.

These organizations work with youth in New England urban and very rural areas. They give personalized attention to support low-income and/or first-generation-to-college students as they prepare for college. These students are encouraged to make informed college decisions through the guidance and mentoring of their partner organizations.

Prior to the deadlines each year, partner organizations:

  • Identify prospective Phillips Scholarship applicants and help them complete and submit the Phillips application.
  • Complete a recommendation form for each of their applicants. Applicants must add their counselor/mentor’s name and email in the Recommendation section of the application so that the recommender can receive an email with a link to the applicant’s personalized recommendation form.
  • Complete the Applicant List Form prior to the April 4th and May 2nd deadlines.
  • Aid in the application process by acting as a liaison with the student should we have questions or concerns beyond the application.
  • If their applicant is awarded a Phillips Scholarship, it is expected that they will stay in contact with the Phillips Scholar throughout college and assist with future renewal applications, financial forms, and issues that could impact their Phillips Scholarship.

Partner Organization List

View a list of Partner Organizations. If you have any questions about the Phillips Scholarship process or about becoming a partner organization, please call Executive Director Barbara Welles Iler at 978-744-2111 or email her at

Applicant List Form

This form helps us identify students from your organization.

Submit by April 3rd, 2023 for students opting for an early response by submitting the New Application for High School Students. (Your recommendation form is due by April 5th.)

Submit by May 1st, 2023 for students using the New Application for High School Students and the New Application for College Students. (Your recommendation form is due by May 4th.)

The Applicant List Form can be filled out prior to each deadline, if necessary.

Helping a student with the Phillips application?

Applicants should request their partner organization advisor to fill out a General Recommendation Form by filling in the advisor’s name and email address in the Recommendation section of the application. This general recommendations is in addition to the applicant’s School Counselor Recommendation Form. As soon as the student saves that portion of the application, all recommenders will receive an email recommendation request with a link to the applicant’s personalized recommendation form. This form should be submitted by the recommender by May 4th, 2023 (or April 5th if the student is applying for an Early Response).

LEAP - Salem, MA

Victor (Manny) Cruz and Yibelis Pena (both Northeastern University), Jesenia Tejada (Salem LEAP College Success Coordinator and Phillips Alumna), Scarlett Gonzalez (Endicott College) and Johanna Rodriguez (Northeastern University).

Upward Bound - Lyndon State College

Upward Bound – Lyndon State College visits Salem! This is a group of rising seniors. They visited the scholarship office for a discussion about college admissions, financial aid, and the scholarship application process. They then toured the Phillips Trust House.