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Suffolk University Class of 2006



Geronimo Martinez

Geronimo graduated from Suffolk with a degree in Accounting, and then completed his Master’s degree in the same field in 2008. He is currently living in London with his wife Yoani and their dog Zoe, while he serves as Head of Finance and Business Operations at Biogen UK. He has worked with Biogen for nine years in different capacities, including leading the Global Internal Audit department. Prior to joining Biogen, Geronimo started his career working as an Auditor for PwC Boston and obtained his Accounting license while there and eventually transitioned to industry, working in audit/process improvement roles at iRobot Corporation. He joined Biogen to get closer to patients and mission-driven workThroughout his career, Geronimo built a network of mentors and sponsors that helped shape his path and expand his interests and desire to learn. When he was ready for his next challenge, Geronimo tapped into that mentor and sponsor network, which helped bridge him to this new role overseas. He emphasizes the importance of finding mentors and sponsors early in your career who will help advocate for opportunities. Outside of work, Geronimo and his wife have made a point of traveling extensively to take advantage of their time in Europe. Recent favorites are Munich (Germany) and Crete (Greece), for the food, festivities, and people. Geronimo notes, “I never thought I’d leave the Dominican, and then I did. I never thought I’d leave Lawrence, then I did. I never thought I'd leave Boston, then I did. And now I've moved halfway across the world.” He strives to leave each place better than it was when he arrived, while continuing to see the world.