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Marist Class of 2022


Biomedical Science and Chemistry

Shivani Patel

Shivani Patel graduated from Marist in June 2022 with a degree in Biomedical Science and Chemistry! Shivani was recently a Fulbright-Nehru Student Researcher at the Institute of Palliative Medicine in Kerala, India. She examined what contributes to youth volunteer engagement in palliative care, including how youth are involved in patient care, fundraising, community outreach, and educational coursework. Shivani was a palliative care volunteer herself during college, and said her interactions with patients helped humanize aspects of medicine and will inform her approach to providing care as a future physician. Her next step is medical school, and she looks forward to helping future patients “bridge the unknown to what is known, offer comfort in place of fear, and create an environment that supports meaningful exchange and validation.” Photo Credit: to Carlo De Jesus